Will it get stuck on some shaped drain covers?

We have tested in a large number of underwater real-world scenarios, Tank X can easily pass a variety of common drain covers.

It has gotten stuck twice on my drain today…

Hi, there.

Please post a picture here or make a video of the it and send the video to community@smorobot.com to help us better locate the problem.
Also, did it finally move?


We just got the smorobot and the first time we put it in it got stuck on main drain and just sat there slowly spinning to different directions. We left it for a bit to see if it would get unstuck, it did not. Finally we just nudged it with a net to get it moving again. I am concerned that this will run down the battery and result in the entire pool not being cleaned.

Hi, there

Please let me know more information about the size of the mail drain.
The diameters and height please.


Mine also gets stuck on the main drain. I’ve attached a picture.

Do you happen to know the diameters and height of the main drain?

The drain is approximately 9in in diameter and 1in in height

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Thanks for your feedback. We will have a further research on it.

Hi it’s been a few weeks. Any update on the smorobot getting stuck on the main pool drain. It seems to happen every time I use the robot.

I’m sorry that this problem is still under research.
We are trying to solve it by software upgrades. But for now, it’s not solved.

Just received the X11. It worked well over most of the pool until it got to the drains.
It stalled on top of the drain and sat for several minutes with the tracks spinning. Retreived it, set it back in the water, and the X11 got stuck again. Pulled it out, reset and shortly after stuck again. Finally pulled it out and set it aside.
I like the X11, but there has to be a way to resolve this issue.

Please send us the information of the drains. The diameters and height information.

The drains are total 9" wide with the center 6" wide. The height of the 6" wide center is 1".

Thanks for your reply.
We are working on this problem now. Please give us some more time.

Im also having it get stuck on the main drain. It seems to only happen when its in S mode. IF in F mode, it never seems to get stuck. Its also had an issue with what I believe is called a loveseat. Its a rectangler area that juts out of the pool, about 18in deep and 18in in width and about 6ft long. If it happens to climb into that area it just goes back and forth till it starts to flash between red and red/green.

Please give us some more information about the main drain, like the diameter and height.
Also, please send us a video of the stuck on loveseat problem.
Send the video to community@smorobot.com since it’s not supported to upload them here.

I too am having this issue. I have two main drains in the deep end and it gets stuck on both. Standard pool drain covers and depth is only 6.5 fee.

The unit gets stuck in S or F mode and regardless of pool pump. Hopefully something can be worked out as I really like the robot.

Please send us more informations about the diameter and height of the main drain. I think 6.5 is the depth of your pool. A picture would be really appreciated.

I will try to get the dimensions of the main drain. I know its not a suction issue as we have the main drain shut off from the pumping system. Ill try to take some photos next time its stuck in the loveseat.

Also, Is there an issue using the smorobot in the evening? I have noticed several times when running the unit at night on the S mode that its just sitting on the bottom of the pool not moving with the green lights on. The last time it did this I noticed at 7:32pm it was not moving. Came back out at 9:04pm and it was sitting in the same place, with green light display. Ive never had this happen in the F mode.