Why can't my robot climb the walls? What should I do?

It’s possibly because the walls are too smooth and at the same time, the wall and the floor form a right angle at the bottom. There is no solution to it at the moment.

What if the robot doesn’t climb the wall when it is curved cement between the floor and wall with a brand new, fully charged battery?

Due to the complexity of the swimming pool environment and installation, it could happen in a few pools.

To help us better evaluate Tank X11’s performance in your pool, could you please tell us more of it, like the material, max/min water depths, slopes at the bottom, degree of slopes, how walls connect to the floor, etc.? If possible, could you send a few photos?

Hello Rosalina,

I just tried to send you a few pictures but I received an email back that new users can only send 1 embedded media item in a post. I can send you one picture but if you want more I will have to send more emails. Please let me know if you want more.

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Hello Rosalina,

The pool surface is cement. I think the deep end is 8 or 9 feet. However, I start the Smorobot in the shallow end and it acts like it is putting on the breaks when it gets to the wall. I wish I could send you a video. There is a gradual slope that the Smorobot doesn’t seem to have a problem climbing that I think can be seen in the pictures. The walls to the floor are curved. There are shallow steps across the shallow end of the pool and it doesn’t climb them either.

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Hi, Nicole

Thanks for your detailed information.
So the problem here is that the robot can climb to the wall but doesn’t work on the wall?
The second problem is that the robot doesn’t climb the shallow steps.

Please upload more pictures and video to your google drive and share the link with me so I can see them all. You can also send them to community@smorobot.com.
I will be waiting for more information. And our R&D team will have a furhter look at it.

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Here are some more pictures and video. The Smorobot does not go up the wall at all.


Nicole Fowler

Thanks, Nicole.
I saw all the pictures. I will forward them to my colleagues from the R&D team and get back to you once I get a clue.

It looks like there’s some problem with the software. We suspect that this robot does not have a wall washing mode.
To better locate the problem. Please help us answering the following question.

  • When the robot is just started, is there a U-shaped motion to find the wall?
  • Or you can just make a video of the robot from starting up.