Will there be an APP for scheduling?

The major design purpose of Tank X series is to reduce manual efforts in the pool cleaning process as much as possible.

With intelligent path planning technology, now it can clean the entire pool autonomously.

The user only needs to turn on the robot, put it into the water, and then enjoy the time with friends and family.

The robot will stop at the side of the pool, after finishing the cleaning.

It doesn’t need an app to control the robot during the cleaning process.

Great answer, but still I would love to see how long the cleaner worked, I’d love to see a map of my pool and where the cleaner ran, I’d love to know how much charge is left and ultimately it would be pretty neat if you could use your phone to change between fast and slow mode (even better if I could change it in the middle of a cycle to make the cleaner “hurry up” in case it was in slow mode and a bunch of people showed up and I wanted to let it finish but move a bit quicker). So if you ever plan an app, I’d really love it with wifi support.


Thanks for your suggestion,
we will consider it seriously

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