[Kickstarter] Update on Tracking No. and logistics self-inquiry ๐Ÿš€

Hello everyone,

At present, some of the tracking numbers have been updated and will be released via Kickstarter within two days. You can follow the logistics progress through https://www.17track.net.

Due to logistics timeliness, some tracking numbers cannot be traced. We will continue to follow up your logistics information.

For users who have not obtained a tracking number, we will notify you as soon as we get it, please donโ€™t worry.

We will do our best to handle it and try to get you and the robot to meet as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your great patience and support to SMOROBOT.

Best Regards,


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Mine had just been delivered here in the Netherlands! Thanks!


Hi ,Bro, any questions please feel free to communicate here~
If you are happy with it,
take a video and send it here please
We are very grateful for this

Received my X11 today in Sydney Australia, my pool is pretty dirty but its in there now doing itโ€™s thing


Really excited to know that. If thereโ€™s any question, just drop it here and weโ€™ll help.
Product feedback with photos or videos is welcomed. This can also help other users to know the product better.

Here is a short video of it working. https://youtu.be/Kj3LStcy0p0
It looks to be doing a good job, this is my first pool robot so I have nothing to compare it with. I noticed it picked up quite a lot of very fine silt even with the standard filter. That was exactly what I was looking for so thats great!

The only con I noticed so far is that you cant put the hook on a standard pool pole. But that is quickly fixed by drilling the holes of the hook a bit bigger and putting your own โ€˜clicky thingโ€™ in there.


Ni Hao โ€ฆ Iโ€™m a bit concernedโ€ฆ everyone seems to be getting their Smorobots but Iโ€™ve still heard nothing from you guys. Surely you will have tracking numbers by now.

Anybody in the US get theirs yet??

Hi, Paul. We care about your logistics as much as you do.
Due to logistical timeline, we donโ€™t have your tracking number yet, please donโ€™t worry.
We will inform you of it as soon as we get it.

H, Greg. Your robot is about to arrive in the US in the next week.
Next door-to-door delivery will be carried out by then.
We will continue to pay attention to your logistics information.
Thanks for your patience.

Thanks a lot for your video ,Bleekie.
You can track the progress of this issue here๏ผšSuggestion๏ผšHook compatible with standard pool pole

Good morning, could you tell me when the product is expected to arrive in Spain, when I made my contribution they said it would be ready in May and we are already in June.

I would like to send you my greetings,

Hi, there

I have sent you the tracking no.
Please check your message.


Good morning, I have received the tracking number, but when I enter it it tells me that there is no shipment with that tracking number.

Best regards,

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Due to logistics timeliness, some tracking numbers cannot be traced. We will continue to follow up your logistics information.

Any update on tracking for Canada?

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Hi all,
I read the general email this morning about the US shipments being sent out via USPS today. Can you tell us the percentage of backers that are being sent out? Like are you currently shipping 50% of your US backers? I didnโ€™t receive a tracking number so I assume Iโ€™m in a later batch of goods, but maybe knowing which batch I am in might make me less anxious. All this pollen and dirt is making me really miss this cleaner. So the sooner the better.

Hi, there

We are shipping 100% of US backers. Tracking numbers will be sent to US backers these two days trhough Kickstarter message. We just got them.

I checked your tracking number just now. And I will send you your tracking number through our community message.

Best regards,

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Hi, there

There are still no updates on your tracking number from logistic company. We will continue to pay attention to your logistics and keep you updated once we got it. Thanks so much for your patience.

Best regards,

Hi there, I was just checking to see an eta for delivery in the United States. It seems people are getting them but I have not gotten any tracking, etc. Thank you!