SMOROBOT Tank X11/X10 Setup Guide

Congratulations on having your Tank X robot!

Following the guidelines, you’ll quickly learn how to manoeuvre your new tool with ease. Hope it helps you have a sparkling pool.

  1. Open the package
  2. Preparation before use
  3. Put the robot into the pool
  4. Cleaning Walls & Floor
  5. Retrieve the Robot, Clean the Filter
  6. Recharge the Battery

Open the package

1. Check the accessories
When unpacking, make sure the package is intact and everything in the following list is included. For X10/X11, accessories include:

  • 1 x Standard Charging Adaptor
  • 1 x Standard Fine Filter Basket
  • 1 x Hook
  • 1 x Floating Ring and Floating Rope
  • 2 x Replacement Screw (M4 x 40)
  • 2 x Replacement Cap Nut (M4)

Preparation before use

1. Charge before launching
Make sure the battery is sufficiently charged (battery indicator lights up green or white).

2. Insert a clean filter basket
Open the top cover, insert a clean filter basket in the robot.

  • Step 1. Open the top cover, making the filter latch face toward you
  • Step 2. Aim slideway of filter for slots inside the robot
  • Step 3. Push it down to place

Tips: How to open the top cover ?
Do not pull the latch without pressing the cover.
Using your thumb, press firmly the top cover right above the latch,
then gently pull the latch outward and upward at the same time with other fingers.

3. Decide how you’d like to retrieve the robot
Two options are currently offered:

  • with the hook ( :point_left: preferred)
    The accessories provide one plastic hook, two screws and two cap nuts.
    You need to prepare a standard pool pole, and fix the hook to the pole using a screw and a nut. When the cleaning job is done, you can retrieve the robot with the hook.

  • with the floating rope
    Attach the rope to the middle of the handle on the top cover,
    then you can retrieve the robot, and lift it out of water through the floating ring at the rope end.

Put the robot into the pool

1. Turn on and choose the cleaning mode
X10/X11 have two cleaning modes. Place the robot on level ground, keep it still and switch to “S” or “F” mode as you want. The indicator will light up in white or blue depending on the mode for 3 seconds.

  • “S” mode (Standard mode)
    If you haven’t cleaned your pool for a long time, or your pool is very dirty, feel free to use Standard Cleaning Mode.
    Gently switch to “S” mode. Do not use excessive force. The indicator will light up in white for 3 seconds.

  • “F” mode (Fast mode)
    If you clean your pool regularly, feel free to use Fast Cleaning Mode for daily cleaning.
    Quickly switch to “F” mode. The indicator will light up in blue for 3 seconds.

:warning: Make sure to tighten the Charging Port seal cap to keep water out.

2. Place the robot in the pool

  • Step 1. Keep it still on level ground, until the light turns yellow and starts blinking
  • Step 2. Immerse the robot in water as soon as possible
  • Step 3. Hold it in water for a few seconds as it releases air trapped in it. During this process, keep the machine steady and do not tilt.
  • Step 4. Release the grip for it to sink. Once immersed, it takes about 1-2 minutes for it to start cleaning.

:warning: If the light turns red and starts blinking, please take it out of water, restart, and put it back in the pool.

Tips: Recommend to drop the robot from a longer side of the pool
It’s recommended to drop it from a longer side of the pool, with no steps around or uneven floor at the bottom.

Clean Walls & Floor

1. Wall cleaning
X11 will follow a V-shaped path pattern to cover all the walls first.
X10 doesn’t support wall cleaning, so it will skip this step.

2. Floor cleaning
Both X11 and X10 will follow a U-shaped path pattern to cover the entire floor.

Tips: For X11, how to skip the wall cleaning?
If you want to skip the walls, and have a fast clean of the floor, try not fully recharging the robot. If fewer than 5 LED beads light up, X11 will skip the walls and clean the floor only.

Retrieve the Robot, Clean the Filter

1. Auto stop at side
The robot will automatically stop by the pool edge after cleaning is complete,
and it can be pulled up through the attached floating rope or the hook provided in the accessories.

2. Clean the filter basket after use

  • Turn the power switch to “OFF”.
  • Open the top cover, take out the filter basket.
  • Release its bottom lid to remove the debris, and then thoroughly clean it with a hose.

Tips: Recommend to clean the filter basket after each cleaning cycle
It is highly recommended to clean the filter basket after each cleaning cycle. Do not let the filter panels dry out before cleaning.

3. Leave the robot in good working condition

  • Disconnect the power supply after use.
  • Clean the impeller when you see trapped debris.
  • Make sure no water is left in the robot.
  • Store the robot in a protected area out of direct sun/rain/frost.

Tips: How to remove debris trapped by the impeller ?
a. Open the top cover.
b. Put tweezers through the impeller cover to remove dirt or debris from the impeller.
c. Use tweezers to remove dirt from the grids between the impeller cover and the sealed space.

Recharge the Battery

  1. Turn the power switch to “OFF”.
  2. Place the robot to the charging point, dry the Charging Port seal cap and surrounding areas, loosen the cap, and plug in the charger.
  3. The battery indicator appears in breathing effect.
  4. Tighten the seal cap when charging is complete.

Tips: When the battery is fully charged ?
When the battery is full, the indicator will flash slowly in white.


Well done guys! They will come in handy when I receive my machine


Great tips and process. Thanks much.


The videos are useful. Thanks.

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I just received my unit, thanks, I was reading not to put the unit in the water above certain chlorine PPM. How soon after shock do you suggest? 24 hours or 48 hours?

Hi, there. Do you usually use dipsticks to test the chlorine level of your swimming pool?

When fully charged should I unplug the unit or can I leave it plugged in?

For your safety usage. We suggest you unplug the power.