How to retrieve the robot and remove the debris?

  1. The robot will automatically stop by the pool edge after cleaning is complete,
    and it can be pulled up through the attached floating rope or the hook provided in the accessories.

  2. Turn the power switch to “OFF”.

  3. Open the top cover, take out the filter basket, release its bottom lid to remove the debris, and then thorougly clean it with a water hose.

  4. To leave the robot in good working condition, you need to remove debris trapped by the impeller according to the following steps:
    a. Put tweezers through the impeller cover to remove dirt or debris from the impeller.
    b. Use tweezers to remove dirt from the grids between the impeller cover and the sealed space.

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Note: Water hose may not clean the filter thoroughly. It is recommended that you clean it with a brush.