Does the robot work with salt water pools?

Our robot does the cleaning job in salt water pool well.
But salt water may cause the rubber tracks and brushes of our robot to turn yellow.

It’s suggested to remove the robot from the pool after each cleaning cycle,
store the robot and the power supply away from direct sunlight.
Although we tested it was safe to leave the robot in the pool for extended periods of time.

I have a salt water pool and I am learning the BOT and what it can do but as it is turning off itself after 20-30 minutes…will it turn itself back on if I leave it alone or do I need to reboot it?

Before putting the robot into the water. There are 4 improtant tips for you:

1. How long does each cleaning cycle of the robot take?
In Standard mode, it will keep cleaning the pool until the battery is low and then stop at the side of the pool.

In Fast mode, it will clean the entire pool twice and then stop at the side.

Automatically stop by the nearest wall after the clean is done, ready to be retrieved with the Hook or the floating ring.

However, if the battery is low during the cleaning process, it will go to the side of the pool and stop.

We recommend that you charge the robot before using it for the first time.

During the charging process, the two outermost indicator lights are in a breathing state until fully charged, when 11 white lights are on.

2. What if I want to skip the walls, and have a fast clean of the floor?
When the battery is sufficient, the robot will first clean the walls and then the floor. Try not fully recharging the robot. 2/3 of the power will be enough.

3. About intellgent path planning.
Excellent wall climber, agile even on 90° walls with smooth surfaces. Automatically measure water depth and thoroughly clean walls and waterline adopting a unique V-shaped path.

4. A brief summary of the meanings of indicator lights.
White (S mode)/Light Blue (F mode) on—robot powered on
Green in the middle—battery high
Red in the middle—battery low
Yellow blinking at two ends—put the robot in the pool immidiately
Blue blinking at two ends—testing underwater environment
Blue light off at two ends—normal operations of the robot
Red blinking at two ends—underwater test timeout