What are the best water conditions and other tips to use my robot?

  • Use the original power supply only. Do not use an extension cable in any case.

  • Ensure the electrical outlet is protected by a ground fault interrupter(GFl) or an earth leakage interrupter.

  • Ensure that the power supply is not in wet environment. Ensure the environment temperature between 0-40°C(32-104°F) when charging.

  • Do not enter the pool while the cleaning robot is in the water.

  • Do not charge under water. Unplug the power supply before servicing.

  • Use the cleaning robot in the following water conditions only:

    • Chlorine Max 4ppm;
    • PH 7.0-8.8;
    • Temperature 6-35°C(43-95°F);
  • It is not recommended to charge immediately after discharge. It is best to let it stand for more than 20 minutes before next charging, to avoid causing automatic power-off protection due to high temperature.

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