Does it make noise when cleaning?

Only very little noise is made by belt tracks and brush wheels when cleaning the waterline.

Mine has a loud squeaking noise when cleaning the top of the walls. You can even hear it underwater. Can this be fixed? Also does anyone know why the tracks and brushes turned yellow so fast?

1.Can you make a video of the robot making squeaking noise? Please send it to
2. Is your pool a saltwater one?
Our robot does the cleaning job in salt water pool well.
But salt water may cause the rubber tracks and brushes of our robot to turn yellow.

It’s suggested to remove the robot from the pool after each cleaning cycle,
store the robot and the power supply away from direct sunlight.
Although we tested it was safe to leave the robot in the pool for extended periods of time.

I am observing a similar issue also and will send a video to the email address above.

If that’s too long. You can also upload to Google Drive and share the link by then.

That is what I had to do from my Gmail account since it was 40 MB. I hope that the design engineers find it useful.

Did you send the email?