A collection of questions and answers about SMOROBOT indicator lights

Let me contact you for more information.

I’m available by phone or email, phone is 415-652-4493.

Sedge Dienst

Hi, Sedge

Did you see my message on community?
We also sent you an email.
Do you prefer a phone call?
Hope to hear from you soon and please don’t worry. We are always here to help.


Hi, I got your email and want to send the dead robot back for replacement. Please send the return tag, and I’ll pack up the SMOROBOT. I’d like to find out what has happened to it, so I don’t have this happen again. Can you please tell me what the diagnosis is?

Sedge Dienst

I have sent 2 emails with the data requested, have they been received? I’m looking to replace the X11 asap. Please confirm and use either email (you have) or phone number provided. Thank you.

II’ve sent several reply emails to Rosalina’s email account and gotten no response. Call me or text to 415-652-4493, or reply to this email. I need to return and exchange, or refund, this X11. I bought it on Amazon, and sent her all the details.
Sedge Dienst

Sedge Dienst

Hi, Sedge

Sorry to give you such a late reply.
I will keep dealing with your issue through private message.
Please don’t worry. We are always here to help.

Best Regards,

Hello. We’ve had our robot one month. The last time we went to use it, the 5 lights on the right side were red, and the last one on the left was red. I found an object in the side tracks and removed. They turn freely now. When I turn on now, the middle light is green, but the others are still red. Not sure what else to do.

Please don’t worry. We will help with the issue.
Let me contact you for more information.

My Smorobot was replaced with a 2nd and I used it twice. Then it only shows red lights in the middle. Can’t charge ero turn it on. I have sent videos over FB Messenger to Cheryl, but still no solution back … what is happening?

Hi, there. Please don’t use the robot again.
I checked the history. We will issue you the refund within the next 1-2 weeks.

I have the the problem, that my robot shows white and a bit green lights and at the right side a purple one. What does this mean? It also does not work.

Hi there,

We also received your feedback through emails.
We will continue contacting you and help with the issue via emails.

Best regards,

Hello. The replacement robot you sent me stopped working after 2-3 cleaning cycles. The charger lights up green but I get zero indicator lights on the robot.

Please don’t worry. Let me contact you for more information. I will help with the issue.

Hello again, I haven’t had any response in months. Is this company still in business?

Sorry fo give you a late reply. But yes, we are still in business.

Glad to hear that. Checking in again on the promised refund.

It is currently being processed and you will receive your refund shortly, thanks for your patience.

I recently received a 2nd Tank x11 to replace the first unit that was defective. I’ve had the unit for a little over 2 weeks, and it has worked great up until now. The unit starts fine, and then after about 5 minutes, it stops and gives me 2 red lights on the right side and won’t move. I’ve reset the unit and tried again and it does the same thing. It stops, and the red lights flash. What should I do to fix it because I really like the unit when it works. Help, please.
Dan V.