What does the indicator light mean?

  • White (S mode)/Light Blue (F mode) on—robot powered on
  • Green in the middle—battery high
  • Red in the middle—battery low
  • Yellow blinking at two ends—put the robot in the pool immidiately
  • Blue blinking at two ends—testing underwater environment
  • Blue light off at two ends—normal operations of the robot
  • Red blinking at two ends—underwater test timeout

On my x11, I saw a few other light combinations while it was working in the water.

Green lights in center and white lights on end, it appears to mean the bot is cleaning and moving forward. (This looked like headlights to me)

Green lights in center and white lights only on one side of bot. This appears to mean that the bot will be turning in the direction indicated by the white lights. (This looked like a turn signal or blinker to me)

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6 blue lights with switch off? (not connected or connected to charger). Nothing blinking. Treads not moving while submerged. Switched off for 30 minutes, 6 blue lights still on.

Thanks for the feedback.
We also recieved your emails. We will continue contacting you and dealing with your issue through emails.

All white lights all the way across while plugged in. Fresh out of the box, never put in water, 4th unit as first three failed?

All white lights indicate it’s fully charged.

After cleaning the pool, I put the robot away without charging it. I found it the next day with the lights on intermittently. It was turned off. I put it on charge and it hasn’t happened again. Could this indicate a problem?

Please send us a video to better explain the problem you met.

My Robot runs and cleans the pool ( Floor and walls) when the power is switched off? Is this normal?

Let me contact you for more information.