What should we do if the robot exceeds 24 months warranty?

For the product beyond the 24 Months Warranty Period, if there is a problem with the product and the customer is willing to repair it.

Our after-sales team will continue to provide maintenance services, however, it will be a paid service.

That means, the customer needs to cover the round-trip shipping cost, the costs of the components, accessories or modules and the labor cost for repairing.

Where is your after-sales support facility located? Will you have regional facilities?

We have after-sales support facilitis in the US and China.

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I have a new Smorobot that we have used 5 times and now it isn’t working. How do I activate the warranty for repair?

Hi, there. Sorry for the bad experience. Please don’t worry, the unit is under warranty.
Let me contact you for more information.