[Kickstarter] Reminder of package check.🎁

Dear All,

Lately we heard from a very few backers reporting product malfunction. Our R&D team and service team did a lot investigations on the process of both manufacturing and logistics. We found the issue is resulted from excessive force of impact during transit.

The hardware design of SMOROBOT Tank X robots adopted multiple protection mechanisms in design to avoid damage during transit and normal use, and all the robots are 100% tested before shipping from the factory. However, they still might be affected by very bad transport conditions (e.g. fall from height over 1.5 meters), and cause potential problems in function. Most likely in the last shipment after customs clearance.

Thus we kindly remind all backers that upon delivery, please check if the package is severely damaged or folded. In that case, we advise that you take photos and reject to pick up. Then send photos and rejection proof to us. We’ll arrange another delivery with a new unit. Thanks for your trust and support!

Best Regards,

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was left with package damage on porch…should I go ahead and open?

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
Just keep it that way and I will contact you through message for more informations.


Received my package while I was away. It was left without requiring a signature. The box is damaged and has been taped up. I have not opened it. What should I do?

Hi, we suggest you to keep it that way and I will message you with more informations.

Hopefully we can connect soon.

Hi, there.
I sent you message, please check.