Since it's cordless, how do I retrieve it?

It will automatically stop by the pool side after cleaning, and it can be pulled up through the floating ring or hook provided in the accessories.

As far as the floating ring and hook are concerned…. Should the floating ring just be tied to the handle? Is there no concern for it getting tangled in the tracks/run over?

When I opened mine, I didn’t see any means to attach the hook to a pool pole. There are holes on the sides, but no pin for it. Is there supposed to be a push release butterfly pin (similar to those on most brushes and nets)?

Thanks for your concern. We get some tips for your question.


  1. It is recommended that you use hooks first
  2. Shorten the length of the rope according to the depth of the pool
  3. When the rope is close to the robot, fasten a buoyancy block (like foam block), so that the rope can always float away from the robot.

In addition, we’d recommend you to buy a butterfly pin to attach the hook to a pool pole.