What if I want to skip the walls, and have a fast clean of the floor?

Try not fully recharging the robot. 2/3 of the power will be enough.

You can tell by the indicator lights. When charging, if the five lights in red rectangle turn solid green, while the two lights in blue circles are flashing, it means 2/3 of the battery power.

With 2/3 battery charged, on “Fast” mode, it will wash the floor twice; while on “Standard” mode, it will wash the floor until the battery runs low.

I wish STANDARD mode would clean walls once and floor twice while FAST mode just cleaned floor twice. My fully charged battery barely makes it through one floor cleaning pass after cleaning the walls of my 22ft x 45ft pool before the battery is exhausted. If I only charge the battery enough to force it to do floor only, it doesn’t complete the second floor pass before exhaustion either so the F/S switch does nothing for me.


S mode:

  1. When fully charged, the robot washes the wall 100 times and then enters floor cleaning mode
  2. When the battery is not fully charged, it will enter floor cleaning mode when the battery is reduced to 23V
    When fully charged, it takes about 50 to 60 minutes to change from wall washing to floor washing.
    F mode:
  3. When fully charged, the robot washes the wall 60 times and then enters floor cleaning mode
  4. When the battery is not fully charged, it will enter floor cleaning mode when the battery is reduced to 23V
    When fully charged, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to change from wall washing to floor washing.

It takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes from full power to the end of power consumption in S mode.
While F mode is not sure, it depends on the shape and size of the pool.

How long does your robot take for each cleaning cycle when fully charged?

Rosalina, I timed my Tank-X11’s FAST-CLEAN operation today per your request. It cleaned the walls for 58 minutes then cleaned the floor for 75 minutes. The problem is that it gets confused and doesn’t clean the entire floor because it keeps deciding to end wall-cleaning and switch to floor-cleaning at a point in the pool that puts it on a problematic trajectory as shown in the drawing below. I will continue to recommend the ability to use the F/S switch to select FLOOR-ONLY mode vs WALL+FLOOR as this would still provide a cleaning duration selection while simplifying the the ability to clean the walls less frequently than the floor. The existing switch functionality doesn’t add much operational value to the product and It is very inconvenient to have to monitor the charge process in order to force Floor-Only operation.

Red areas in the drawing indicate where one of the Tank’s tracks gets elevated and looses traction upon diagonal approach to the wall during floor cleaning due to the curvature of the wall-to-floor junction. This traction imbalance shifts the Tank’s orientation. Often times when the Tank’s navigation system tries to correct the heading after it pulls away from the wall it will re-center on and re-clean the exact same path that it just finished cleaning. It may do this several times before it makes any progress but eventually it gets into an infinite loop and cleans the same general path forever until it decides that it has finished and shuts down without covering the entire floor. I have performed the FAST cleaning four times so far and have had nearly the same results every time since the Tank decides where to stop wall-cleaning and switch to floor cleaning. Unfortunately is keeps choosing to start floor-cleaning from a wall that puts it on a problematic trajectory. The one time that it ran in FLOOR-ONLY mode it cleaned the entire floor 1.75 times because I could control the starting orientation using the same entry point indicated in the drawing. It still repeated its path in some places but it didn’t get stuck in the same path forever with the improved starting orientation.


Thanks so much for your research.
Let me contact you for more information.

Hi team, I just wanted to second this that the ideal operation mode would be for one setting to be floor clean only and pass over the floor multiple times (more then twice), and the other cleaning setting half cleaning walls and half cleaning the floor.

In the fast mode I find the floor is not cleaned well enough and there is some debris missed by the robot. The standard mode does a more thorough job of the floor.

Lastly, the fine filter is not fine enough for sand. I would suggest an option for a filter cloth material to go inside the filter basket like a vacuum bag to be used as needed for finer cleans as required. I will fabricate something for our pool for now but good accessory to add.

Cheers, Shane


Hi, Shane

Thanks for your precious opinions.

  • F for floor only and S for floor + wall cleaning will not go online due to some reason. We are really sorry for the inconvenience. But we have a software for only cleaning floor no matter the mode.
  • I forwarded this to our R&D team and we will have a further research on it.


Rosalina - could we have a switch that is W for walls and F for Floor or A for All?
My robot spends way too much time on the walls and not enough on the floor…


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I’m new here but I find some of your comments come across rude. The person went to the trouble of researching their issue or problems with robot and your comment of thanks for research isn’t fixing their problem.