[Kickstarter] Updates on shipment. Shipping out products for Non-US customers

Hello everyone,

Here we want to share with you some good news about shipment.

  1. For US customers, the 1st batch of products have been shipped out by sea, which will arrive in US at the end of May. Then local logictic company will deliver products to each of you. We believe that most of US customers can meet us in early June.

  2. For Non-US customers, we are busying shipping out products one by one from last week, and have successfully shipped all products (some of you provide incorrect or incomplete information, please check your message these days, we will contact with you individually).

Thank you so much for your great patience and support to SMOROBOT.

Best Regards,



Hi Rosalina

If i want to be a reseller in my country that will be possible ?



Hi Louis,
Thank you for your interest and support to us.
You can send an email to bd@smorobot.com
and introduce your situation.
We are very interested in communicating with you about regional agents.

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Please answer my email
I have sent numerous Emails last 2 weeks

Hi Tleco, thanks for your messages. Your inquiry has been replied. Please check the email inbox. Regards

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Thank you for your response
Great reviews so far
I just want To make sure I get the
Unit which had been confirmed

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Are there any updates? Didn’t get a tracking number so far

Is it possible to get a tracking number for my order to Australia?
Thanks Grant

Hi, there. You phone number is missing. Please send it to in private.


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How do I do it private?