[Kickstarter] Update on Tracking No. and logistics self-inquiry πŸš€

Hi, dear. Please send me your email address used to purchase the order. Let me check the tracking number for you.

Are there any updates on when non-us backers will receive their tracking? Seems like some of them already got their perk

Hi, dear. There’s no tracking number for now. I will send you the tracking number as soon as I get it. Thanks so much for your patience.

Mine arrived in New Zealand today, unfortunately the power adaptor / plug supplied wont fit together :frowning:

Hi, there

During our review of the shipping and logistics process, we found that due to the negligence of the logistics company, the charging cable received by some customers is unusable.

  1. we will refund $15 to you for a universal adapter, so that you’re able to use the product as soon as possible.
  2. then we will resend you a new charging cable to ensure your long-term customer experience. You will probably receive it in 7-10 days.

Here are some purchase links for your quick order. Hope it helps.




We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Thank you for your reply. I just received my X11 however, I may have gotten two identical filter baskets. How can you tell the difference between the two since they look the same to me> thanks

Fine filters are marked with a U sticker and standard filters are marked with an S.
Please check it again.

Can you confirm if Canada orders are coming from the US shipment? I don’t see a clear answer on the timing or tracking numbers for Canada orders. Thanks

Hi, please send me the email address you used to purchase the order in private, I will check the tracking number for you.

Still nothing here. I’m in the US. My email for the kickstarter is porter651304@bellsouth.net. Any update you can provide will be appreciated.

Hello, I wrote you in private, I would like also to get some information regarding the shipment in Canada, I still havent received anything.

I have still not received my smorobot or shipping info for Adelaide Australia.


Backer from Canada and have not received any tracking information yet.


Same here. Would love to get a tracking number!

Hi, there. Sent you the tracking number in private. Please check.

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Sent the tracking number to you in private. Please check.

I would also like a tracking number please. From canada.

Can please get a tracking number or any info ?

Please send me the email address you used to purchase the order in private. I will check it for you.


Jamie Porter