A collection of questions and answers about SMOROBOT indicator lights

Follow the guide and you’ll quickly understand what the indicator lights are all about at all stages.
Hope this guide can help you use the product better.

1 What is the meaning of the indicator light during the self-test?
When the self-test starts, there are two blue indicator lights on the left and right sides,
and the middle indicator light changes from white to green to indicate the end of the test.

Note: Do not move the robot and toggle switch at this time.

2. When should the robot be put into the water?
When the two outermost dot lights are blue, and the two next to them are flashing in yellow, the robot should be put into the water as soon as possible.

3. What is the meaning of the indicator light during the working process?
During the working process, the number of green lights gradually decreases.
When there is only one red light left, it is in low power mode.

4. What does the indicator light mean when charging?
When the battery is low, three red dots in the middle light up when charging,
then as the battery voltage goes up, the three dots turn to green and more dot lights gradually turn on, and the number of indicator lights gradually increases from 3 to 9. During the charging process, the two outermost indicator lights are in a breathing state until fully charged, when 11 white lights are on.

5. Why do the 11 red indicators all turn on?
There is a foreign object that hinders the operation of the machine, and the foreign object needs to be removed to resume normal operation.

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What should I do when I put my robot in water, but the indicator lights up in red at two ends and it does not work?


I have the following problem with charging the SMOROBOT. When I am charging, the middle green light is fixed and the closest left and right light are flashing green.
So far so good. After 20 minutes the three middle lights turns green and the closest left and right lights starts flashing, but only for 2 seconds ! After 2 seconds the pattern falls back to the middle light fixed at green and the closest left and right lights flashing.
After then 5 minutes we get the 3 middle lights again fixed green (and the two closest flashing) but agin for 2 seconds, and it falls back again to only the middle light fixed green. After three repeats (and while only the middle light is fixed green and the two closest are flashing) all the light become red… When I use the robot, it only works for half an hour, it doesn’t climb the walls. So, what is the problem and how to solve this ?

It happens when you recharge the robot in high temperature environment. Battery overheat protection is activated to stop the charging.

Take the robot to a shade to cool off for 20-30min, then you can continue charging it.

Thanks Rosalina, The temperature outside is 20 degrees celsius, i do not think that is high temperature, but I will charge the SMOROBOT inside the house now. I’ll let you know the outcome !


Feel free to let me know if the problem continues.

Hi Rosalina,

I am afraid the problems stays the same, I have put the robot in my living room (no direct sunlight) and tried yesterday evening, but also early this morning.

The results are the same, but it looks that the time I have three fixed green lights before falling back to 1 green light is taking some more time (perhaps 3 seconds).

Also before all leds are turning red there are more changes from 1 to 3 fixed green lights (and back) than before.

The green light on the charger is also blinking in approximately the same speed as the Breathing of the green light on the robot.

So, what can we do now ?

Cheers, Hans

Hi, Hans

Please disconnect the charger and the robot, plug the charger into the power supply, and observe whether the indicator light is green.

Let me know the result.


Hi Rosalina,

I have done that, the indicator light is fixed green.

Cheers, Hans

Hi, Hans

This may be internal damage to the robot during shipping.
Let me confirm with you more information through message.


Wow, if you’re having difficulty charging at 20 degrees Celsius, I won’t be able to charge in my home or outside. South GA temps average 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit routinely and my wife keeps the AC freezing around 20 C inside to compensate for those high temps.

I was disappointed yesterday in the short run time after why I thought was a full charge. Excited to support a new project, but definitely having hiccups.

Hi, there

Please describe the problem in detail for us to better locate the cause, we are always here to help.


It seems I’m having a bit of a run time issue in that the robot only cleans for about two hours on a full charge and then dies prior to cleaning my entire pool. I have found it stuck upright on the pool steps unable to move forward.

My pool is approximately 20x30 ft Gunite material, rectangular with fairly steep slopes. I think is about 8.5- 9 ft deep in the deepest area.

Tank X11 can easily climb up the steps.

However, in order to fully clean the floor, walls, and waterline, the robot integrates a large-capacity battery and a 4.08L filter basket, so the size of the robot is larger than the width of the normal steps.

It’s hard for the robot to move or turn around on the steps and collect the debris efficiently. So, it’s a design trade-off.

When the robot detects it’s on the steps, it will climb down autonomously and continue cleaning the floor or walls of the pool.

Please send us a picture of the pool.

I included close up photo of the fountain as it runs nearly all of the time. I noticed the robot skipped the area under it where the pool light is and also skipped the area to the right where the skimmer is while I why observing it. Curious if I should turn off jets/ fountain while robot is in use?

Also in case video doesn’t play, the robot did not get stuck on steps but only cleaned partially then moved to deep end leaving shallow end cleaning incomplete. Pattern of cleaning seems very random rather than intuitive.

Thanks for any assistance/ insight.

Hi, there

I failed to see your pictures. Can you send the pictures and videos to community@smorobot.com


What do you mean by self-test. Never seen that mentioned anywhere?

Hi Smorobot team,
I am seeing a light pattern of:
off - off - off - blue - white - white - white - green - blue - yellow - off

I believe at one point I saw a red light in this mix too.

I have already emailed into support, but just in case others have seen this, can we put in this thread what we should do?

One round done. Robot stayed in the middle part of the pool for at least an hour and a half. Up and down, up and down. Started charging, middle lights green. After an hour all lights red! What can be wrong?

Hi, there.

  1. Is there any slope of the pool?
  2. How many times have you used the robot?
  3. Did you charge the robot in off mode?
  4. Can the robot be turned on and off normally now?

Hope to hear from you soon.


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