[Kickstarter] Claim your Certificate of Hornor and VIP Membership

Hi, everyone

Our forum is open for registration now, which means we no longer manually review your registration application.

For all early birds(backers) from Kickstarter. Please feel free to message our admins so we can change your permissions. In addition, we will send you your Certificate of Honor as we previously promised.

We love getting your feedback on the robot these days, feel free to post a photo or video in our community to help other users better understand how the robot works and bring you a sparkling pool.

Best Regards,

Hi. Please initiate my VIP membership as a backer. Thank you!

Welcome to join our community.
We upgraded the permissions for you just now.

Backer 335 here. I received the unit and have just unpacked and examined it. Sorry to be late joining the community, but just went on Kickstarter and noticed it. Not sure what the certificate and VIP status mean, but by all means, sign me up!

I was an early backer. Thanks.

Let me contact you.

Let me contact you.

Thanks, Received and easy to assemble! still trying to figure out the timing and patterns…
Can you sign me up for Backer and certificate please.

Thank you- I had to look it up, but found it.

Who do we contact to "register " as a kickstarter backer?

Hi, there. Welcome to our community.
I changed your permission and added you to the early bird group.; )

Signed you up just now.
We will send you the certificate of hornor via message later.
Welcome to join us.

Got you registered just now.
Changed your permission and added you to the early bird group.
Certificate of hornor will be sent to you later through message.
Welcome to join us here.

Hi, can upgrade me as an early bird member? I had a VIP invite, just didn’t act on it that quickly. Thanks!

Hi, there.

Can you send me the email address you used to purchase the order to me in private.
And also your backer number please.


I am an early back on kickstarter.

Welcome! Let me contact you for more information.

I was a Kick-starter. Just got back from vacation and found the unit waiting.

Hello, I am a kickstarter backer, can you add me please.

I’m a kickstarter backer(#226). Please add me. Also, I need help with my X11 unit. I’ve used it a few times but now it only turns white with blue sides and never moves.