How to charge the robot cleaner?

  1. Place the robot to the charging point, dry the Charging Port seal cap and surrounding areas, loosen the cap, and plug in the charger. The battery indicator appears in breathing effect. The indicator on charger will light up in red and will turn green once the charging is complete.

  2. Tighten the seal cap when charging is complete.


  1. Don’t recharge the robot when it’s working.

  2. Recharge the battery when it runs out. Then power it off when charging is complete.

  3. Before charging, make sure to dry the outer surface of the seal cap and Charging Port areas, to keep water out and prevent metal pin oxidization and erosion.

  4. When the robot is properly recharged and needs to be put away before next clean, remember to keep the power switch on “OFF”.

  5. Power off the robot before charging.