The warranty cover 24 months? What will be guaranteed in the 24 months?

We promise that all products of Tank X series will be backed by a 24-MONTH WARRANTY.

SMOROBOT will provide you with warranty service for all parts and components of the whole machine for 24 months. No matter when or where you placed order.

Different from the traditional brands of pool cleaners, our 24-month warranty covers all parts and components of the robot, without restriction on the electrical parts.

For more information, please refer to the warranty terms shipped together with the product.

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How do I file a claim? I bought the X11 from kickstarter. I used it 5 times and it worked great. Now it won’t turn on after charging. Not sure what to do?

Hi, there

Feedback received.
Let me contact you for more information to better locate the problem.


I bougth my smothrobot from kikstarter
I used two times whith a lot oh success and when I try to charged it again I think the charg port began in conflit and stop charging and never work anymore
Please told what to do

We also received your email. We will continue contacting you through emails. Thanks.

Hi Rosalina,
My Smorobot is malfunctioning. It will run for a while then go up the wall, turn over, then go around in circles on the pool surface, and then sink and stop. I restart it, and it does the same thing. Please advise. Thanks.

Stu Hudson

Hi, Stu Hudson

The robot will first clean the wall and then the floor no matter in S or F mode.

Can you send us a video to help us better understand the problem? Please send to since it’s not supported to upload videos here.



I understand that it cleans the walls first and then the floor. This is what it did when we first got it. The problem is that it will only do this for about five minutes and then it malfunctions as I previously described. I will send a video when I get a chance. Thanks.


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I’ve tried to send videos, but they won’t send because they are too big to send over email. Is there another way to upload them? This is getting very frustrating!


You can upload the videos to Google drive and share the link with me.

Hi, there
I saw the two videos. Please keep the pump off when using our robot.
Have another try and let me know the result.

Good Afternoon Rosalina,

No luck, it still does the same thing with the pump off. It seems to be the walls that are causing the malfunction. As I said before, it goes up the wall, and at the top, it turns upside down, then starts spinning in circles. Would it be possible to exchange this one for one that does floors only?


I got your informations registered.
We will mail you a programming line so you can get your robot upgraded to floor only version.