Smorobot X11 no longer charging

I bought my Smorobot from Amazon about 7 months ago. When it was working it worked okay. Never did the Tanning Ledge and it often got stuck doing the sides but overall it did it’s job. The last couple of times I charged the Unit it immediately went into Cleaning mode even without me switching from off to S or F. I worked the switch back and forth but that didn’t help. The last time I cleaned the pool and tried to plug it in to charge no lights came on but I figured maybe the lights are not working so I kept the charger on it for about a hour to see if it would work but no cigar. It is dead for sure. It’s not the charger since the charger lights up. The Smorobot no longer does. Pretty sad to spend 800+ Dollars on a unit that only lasts 7 months. Now it’s just a useless paperweight.

Please don’t worry. I sent you a private message. We will help with the issue.

Hi Rosalina, Thank you for your quick response. Please let me know what I have to do to get my Smorobot X11 replaced. Thank you.

Hi, I have the same issue. My Smorobot X11 is 7 months old and will not charge. The charger “green” light is on. None of the lights on the cleaner are on. All dark …
Is there a reset button. Suggestions?


Unfortunately not. I have contacted Customer Service and after some back and forth. They did send me an updated X11 unit which hopefully will last longer than a few uses. They have a new X12 but they wanted me to pay a lot more money for it so I told them send me the updated unit which is suppose to be more watertight and has updated software to include just bottom cleaning in F Selection. You need to send them your Serial Number and receipt and a video of the Smorobot showing it plugged in and the light or lack of on the Unit. After a few back and forth communications they will send you a new unit. I received mine but I am out of the country until sometime next month and can’t try it out until then. Good Luck and I hope the New and Improved Unit is actually just that.

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I have the same problem. Bought it Sept 2022 and none of the lights are working. Just stoped working. Only used it once this summer. There’s no reset button?