SMOROBOT with 11 Red lights

We bought the unit last October 2022, and have used it weekly since. But today after recharging, 11 red lights came on and won’t turn off. I unplugged the unit, checked for objects, and then plugged it back in. I cycled the unit from off to clean, then to fast clean. Then back to the off position, the 11 red lights will not go off. Nothing works. Please advise on how to fix this problem.

Mine is having the same problem.

Did you find solution. I am having same problem

Support sent me a new X-11, after 2 months of back and forth…… the new X-11 arrived and only worked for about 5 min and was returned to see if they can fix. So I’m still waiting…

Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same issue; I received mine during the Kickstarter initial release. It’s been great and only recently starts the ‘breathing’ green lights and reverts back to 11 red lights while charging. It only runs for about 10 minutes if it even restarts with the yellow and blue flashing lights. Really frustrated because my manual vacuum also broke and its nearly 100 degrees out. Would like a clean pool again!