Smorobot keeps blocking 2 reds on each side or either side

everytime i put it in the pool, it lasts 5 minutes and it stops. I followed the process from the booklet but to no avail. everything is clean. We just got this smorobot a week or so ago

What am I missing?


Ask for your money back if it’s not too late. I’m on me second one and still having trouble.

I’ve been emailing Rosalina repeatedly with no response. She told me back in January that I had to wait until April for my defective Smocrapbot to be replaced, which would have been the second replacement. Now, I’m being ghosted. I’ve given up on a replacement and just want my money back. I’ve even called customer service and just get a recording to leave a message, which is not returned as well.

I have the same exact story. Much to my surprise a replacement robot showed up today. Hopefully the same happens for you here soon. This will be my third robot so hopefully third times a charm.

Same here. Mine showed up today as well. Hope springs eternal.