My tank X11 is possessed

My x11 was working fine for a few weeks. Used 4 times. Always gets freshwater rinsed and I keep it inside charging. Friday my wife who was working from home called me freaking out, she thought I was controlling the robot from work. She sent me a video showing it was moving and blinking and the switch was off and it was not plugged in. It was crazy. So then when I got home I did plug it in and it seemed to charge fine but then in the middle of the night I hear it moving. So Saturday morning I get up and it it had a full charge but the switch it off and the unit is on. As soon as I unplug it it stays on and begins counting down the green leds and then the yellows came on. I switched the unit into S then F then Off and it still sat there on. So I took it outside to the pool and it did a great job. Ran a full cycle, killed the battery and now it’s been a day and it won’t charge. No lights. Nothing. Please help! I have video to share. Thank you.

Hi there

Thanks so much for your feedback! Could you tell me where you buy it ? your order ID please? and a video would be preferred to I will help you out.

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