Lack of warranty support

Is SMOROBOT still in business. I can’t get anyone to respond to my emails on a warranty issue. Almost 2 weeks now.

I am having same issue, my BOT has been out for over 3 months and they tell me that I have a ticket. What terrible customer service, I am reporting to BBB.

I sent an email a month ago, and posted here 11 ago, and haven’t heard from anyone.

I think it is time for a Class Action!

Any luck getting a response yet? I am having the same issue

My robot died as well. Looks like now there’s even no way to make a warranty claim. These people are bad news.

It took a few weeks but my replacement unit arrived today. You need to keep pinging them they will respond.

Wow. Thanks. How specifically did you contact them? I’ve sent emails to the addresses on their main website. Is there a better contact? And, unfortunately, we went and bought a different pool robot because, well, we really can’t wait months to clean the pool. Thanks for the tip though. Much appreciated.

I used for emails also called once and a human picked up the phone then things started to move. They should also give you a ticket number.