Challenges last summer, now not working at all after winter

Hi Smorobot team

I backed the Kickstarter campaign a year ago on April 15th, and I received the X11 in the early summer.

I have had some issues with it, and posted on the community for support on October 26, but my message was deleted from the board. As I was closing my pool, I let it go for then, and would wait until I opened it again after the winter, which is now. (I live in Montreal, Canada, so winters are long)

The problems I had last summer:

  • Intelligent path planning → the robot took very random paths, quite similar to the path shown for “others” in the “Smorobot vs others” drawing, it would never go in straight lines for the full length or width of the pool, and never just turn back to clean right next to the previous run.
  • At some occasions, it would not start cleaning in the pool, even with a full charge. Turning it off and letting it rest and trying again sometimes fixed it.
  • At some point after taking it out of the pool, I was not able to turn it off - even with the slider on “off” it kept wanting to clean even outside of the pool. I put it back in the pool until the battery was dead
  • Another time, there was a weird sound and lights strobing - see attached video.

The problem I have now:

  • I stored the robot in my (heated) garage all winter, and before trying it out now that the pool is open again, I charged it. The charger is showing green, but the lights on the unit fade in and out, all different colors (see other video attached)
  • When unplugging the cable, nothing happens - the unit doesn’t turn on

I sent an email, with video links, to support on April 24th and have still not received an answer from you. Needless to say that customer support is lacking, as well as the product.

The unit doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, even last summer when it at least turned on. Can you please contact me to process a refund.

Kind regards

more than a month since my email… 11 days since this post, and no answer to either of them.
Is someone still working in customer support?