7 months new - will no longer charge


We purchased our Smorobot Tank X-11 in September of 2022. We’ve had a few challenges with its performance, but nothing we felt like we wanted to complain about.

However, 2 months ago, it started to squeal when operating. The squeal was loud enough that we could even hear it at a depth of 6 feet. But, again, nothing we were going to complain about.

Unfortunately, this week we went to charge our Smorobot and it will not accept a charge or intake electricity. It stays dark with no lights.

  • We have taken exceptional care of the product.
    It is never left in the water after it completes its run.
    It is always rinsed and cleaned thoroughly after every use.
    It is stored in a safe and dry place, and always covered when not in use.
    And, it has never been dropped or in collision with any object.

We have opted to go direct to you and request a replacement or refund rather than other channels.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you in advance for your support and help.



Similar issue. No response. Disappointing to say the least.

Same problem. I bought my Sept 5th 2022. Can’t get a hold of anyone.
They mentioned 2 years warranty and great customer services, my experienced has been the contrary.

Same problem here. I bought mine through Amazon on Sep 13th 2023 and stopped working last week. I sent an email to Rosalina on June 1st and got what it seems to be an automated response from Support with a ticket number. I have sent several emails after that with no response.